Senjo-Color BASIC Bodypaints are highly pigmented and waterbased, relatively fast drying, can be airbrushed with nozzles from 0.2mm.
Excellent results could also be achieved with traditional techniques (brush and sponge) and with an airbrush too.
In addition, many face painters love to use these liquid paints, as they can be applied directly onto the skin immediately.
All paints are ready to use, colors are easy to mix.
To increase durability, setting spray can be used to fix.
Paints are easy to wash off with soap and water.
All ingredients are of a cosmetic grade and approved for skin use.

Sizes: 75 ml
Packing: in a plastic bottle
Origin: Germany

A bottle of 15 ml is enough for up to 50 works, 75 ml for up to one whole body work, 250 ml for up to three full body paintings, 500 ml for up to 6 full body paintings, 1000 ml up to 12 body paintings.

Senjo Color BASIC Airbrush ink Боя за еърбръш и бодиарт, 75 ml Dark blue / Тъмно синьо, TSB01318

  • Производител: Senjo Color
  • Модел: TSB01318
  • Наличност: В наличност
  • 33.20лв.

Етикети: Senjo Color BASIC Airbrush ink / Festék / Боя за еърбръш и бодиарт, 75 ml Dark blue / Sötétkék / Тъмно синьо, TSB01318